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When James Fowler received federal approval to start Sugar House Distillery in 2013, his goal was to create a line of true grain-to-glass spirits. Choosing only the finest ingredients available in the industry—such as Grade A molasses for rum and locally-grown corn to make bourbon—the distillery team has made quality sourcing a priority from the start. In addition to hand-selected commercial yeasts for fermentation, senior distiller Eric Robinson has cultivated proprietary yeast strains at the distillery, further enhancing the aroma and depth of flavor evident in Sugar House Distillery products. Our experienced distilling team carefully monitors and balances the profile of each spirit every step of the way, taking only the vibrant heart of the spirit run, and bottling to proof in our distillery with the purest mountain water.

Our passion for quality

where it all started

This passion for exacting detail and quality control from start to finish has been a hallmark of James Fowler’s dedication to the craft. With more than 20 years of personal brewing experience, James has won many local and regional brewing awards, including “Home Beer Brewer of the Year.” This skill, in combination with a career in sales with one of the top chemical companies in the US, incubated a natural curiosity for the art and craft of distilling. Over the years, James attended intensive classes and seminars covering every aspect of boutique distilling, and his extensive travels across the United States have included visits and interviews at distilleries from coast to coast.

In 2014, Senior Distiller Eric Robinson [formerly at High West] joined the Sugar House Distillery team, bringing his vast personal and professional distilling experience to the shop. Eric’s distilling background specialized in product research and development, allowing him the opportunity to experiment with countless raw materials, yeast strains, and perfect each product in very small batches. At Sugar House Distilling, Eric has taken this exacting attention to detail to the next level, developing a line of spirits that are unique in both quality and character.

Fowler and Robinson, along with assistant distiller and sales representative Jake Wood, take education about their craft seriously, and encourage consumers to come by the distillery and see how true grain-to-glass spirits are made, one small batch at a time. No outsourcing. No additives. No artificial colors or flavors. Just grain or molasses, yeast, and time; finished with a little water and a lot of skill.